Harcourt is a faith community

We are committed to encouraging and fostering the spiritual growth of people of all ages. We believe there are two prime directions in our spiritual growth:

  1. A deliberate and intentional effort at framing our life in terms of a spiritual journey with God toward God. We call this “spiritual formation.”
  2. A life-long exploration of our faith tradition. We call this “faith formation.”

At Harcourt, these go hand in hand:

Spiritual formation

  • Explore the website www.spiritualpractice.ca
  • Spend some time regularly with one of our covenanted spiritual companions as you develop your own regular spiritual practice.
  • Join the “Sacred Listening Circle” after the 9AM worship service
  • Participate in the annual Ecumenical Week of Guided Prayer
  • Periodically take time out for a silent retreat at any one of the three nearby Retreat Centres; Loyola House, Five Oaks, or Crief Hills
  • Participate in Harcourt’s annual Congregational Retreat. Watch for announcements.
  • When you are ready, consider taking part in the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises in Daily life, offered every two years.
  • Join the Women’s Spirituality Group.
  • Explore Your Spiritual Journey (a practical guide) 

Faith formation

  • Take part in some of Harcourt’s Small Groups, exploring different aspects of Christian faith. Watch for announcements through the calendar, announcements, Harcourt Herald  weekly E-letter.
  • Join the regular sessions of Mindstretch
  • Join Harcourt’s closed Facebook group “Progressive Christianity and Emerging Christianity” and exchange views and ideas with other members of the congregation.
  • Join Rev Jim Ball and others in Webinars put on by the United Church. These are advertised in the weekly e- letter from the Church Office.
  • Read up on the latest biblical scholarship; browse through our Library, maybe through the on-line catalogue and review the Recommended Reading list
  • Start your own Small Group to discuss ideas and issues of particular interest to you.

Spiritual Life Committee Resources

If you are interested in any of the small groups or more information, we can help. Contact the Harcourt office.

Spiritual Life Retreat 2019

Living with Respect in Creation. You are invited to Harcourt’s Retreat 2019 at Loyola House, September 27-29. Registration forms are available here and in the greeting area.